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- We know how to design and develop more competitive products -


- Outsourcing an R&D project give you perspective and more flexibility -


- We are creative and proactive to looking for new business opportunities -


- Composites are our backgrounds on new applications and technology -


- We take care of the idea from concept to manufacturing -

We take the demands to the solution

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Define how to improve user experience

Starting with the aspiration in mind and seeking a clear result is the key to project planning. We define the requirements and the most appropriate strategy to make the R & D & I process more predictable and reduce the cost of development.


The commercial objectives are compared with the market priorities to focus the definition of the product and establish the phases that will be reached during the project and minimize the risk.


According to your needs we can evaluate the competitiveness, trends, costs and key components to define the limitations and opportunities. We work on the management strategy adapted to our customers to ensure that their projects progress smoothly to production.

Complete management of the project

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user experience

concept definition

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visual communication


test prototype

product requirements

usability confirmation

validate look and feel

fine tuning for production

validate suppliers


manufacturing support

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production planning


product planning

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Designed to be competitive and durable

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Industrial Design

Industrial design is the thought process that focuses on understanding and solving the real needs of users.

Design is a complex and dynamic task and requires a vision of the future with the integration of technical, social and economic requirements, biological needs, ergonomics with psychological and material effects, shape, color, volume and space, all thought and interrelated with the environment that surrounds humanity.

We should also contemplate that the relationship we maintain with everyday objects is rarely rational and design considering perception and instinct as an element present in our choices.

Develop from the knowledge of manufacturing

Engineering development, 3d parts for explanation
Pressure charts on composite materials

Research and Development

Engineering is an activity that transforms knowledge into something practical and tangible through science, mathematics, physics, programming, etc. for the efficient development of products and technologies. We implement engineering thinking throughout the project, from initial conceptualization to production to facilitate the resolution of problems and introduce continuous improvements proactively.

We offer solutions to the technical details that allow the product to be produced and meet the marketing, regulatory and user requirements with a reasonable manufacturing cost and quality expectations.

We look for how to produce more sustainable

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The experience with composite materials in various industrial sectors allows us to offer master classes focused to professionals and companies for technical improvement and expert training for new applications through advanced design and manufacturing.

We have developed a test machine that dynamically measures the rigidity of surfboards, snowboards and skis. We analyze how they behave through graphics and achieve knowledge in the implementation of new technologies and specific models. This can be extended to other sectors of applications, such as sailing, renewable energy, automotive, aeronautics and other sports.

Learning by doing and experimenting

3 axis cnc machine diy
Flex machine for composites
electronic, arduino and labview
ecobased resins test
gluing of eps cores
Front of prototype train

Tech Lab

To make a new idea a reality, a space for experimentation, testing, analysis and validation with functional prototypes or first MVP units is usually necessary. In the tech lab we can verify the feasibility of new technologies, materials and applications through the trial and error tests with specific machines.

Knowing how the products are manufactured gives us confidence in providing more realistic and feasible design solutions. Experiencing so many years with electronics and mechanics has allowed us to manufacture our own CNC machine, we are satisfied with the work in arduino and labview as well as mechanize and weld mig / mag of iron structures.

Alejandro Hunger founder of H. Maker Design

Many interests, passion and perseverance

My name is Alejandro Hunger, I am self-taught with more than twenty years of experience in the design of new products, engineering development and manufacturing.


The interest of knowing how things work started early, when I was ten years old I take apart any device that entered my room. Since then I have always been surrounded by books, cables, tools and to do list.


Creating better products with the vision of new ideas is my passion, this has drive me to experiment in different areas. I have worked as a designer, engineer, inventor, programmer, scientist and craftsman with national and international companies.


I founded my company when I returned from London in 2001 and I have successfully led projects in various sectors. We have always given a global service focused on results and the customer has our support from the initial concept to the manufacturing.



- more than twenty years of experience -


- designer, engineer, inventor, programmer, scientist and craftsman -


- our support from the initial concept to the manufacturing -

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interior design and parts for ferrari
works in lamborghini and boxer Frank Bruno in London
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prototypes of chairs and pieces of furniture
2001 led lighting
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engineering pools and spas
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Design proposals for scalextric
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heated deck chair for personal care center
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